Brain Stroke

Women suffering from Brain Stroke

The human brain is a complicated organ that requires constant blood flow. Brain death can occur within a few minutes of a blood flow disturbance, which prevents the brain from receiving essential nutrients like glucose and oxygen.

A stroke often referred to as a brain stroke or a cerebrovascular accident, is a disorder in which the blood flow to a section of the brain is significantly reduced or stopped. It is a medical emergency in which the blood flow is restricted, depriving the brain’s cells of nutrition and oxygen, causing them to die within minutes. Because brain cells (neurons) cannot repair, there is lasting harm and irreversible repercussions.

What signs indicate a brain stroke?

Women are more likely than males to get a brain stroke. Men and women both commonly experience the following symptoms:

The Vision that is distorted, dim, or double in one or both eyes

Slurred voice, difficulty speaking, and confusion

Walking and balance challenges

Abruptly having an intense headache, throwing up, or falling asleep.

Sudden, one-sided numbness or paralysis of an arm or leg and face.

Abrupt headache.