A lady with Headache

The discomfort or throbbing in your head or face is a headache. Almost everyone will occasionally get headaches. Dangerous or evil situations do not bring on the majority of headaches. People, however, understandably worry if their headache symptoms change (either particularly severe, particularly frequent, or unusual in any other way). The biggest concern is that the headache might signify a brain tumor.

The majority of headaches are not a sign of a significant medical condition. While some individuals only have an odd headache that goes away quickly, others get them frequently and with considerable discomfort. If the following are the case with your headache:

It differs from your typical headaches regarding where it is, how severe it is, or any additional symptoms it may have, including numbness or visual loss.

The pain is severe enough to wake you up from sleep, begins suddenly, or is increased by effort, and does not improve with therapy but worsens with time.

A brain injury that causes seizures or convulsions or causes a brief loss of awareness

Frequent vomiting, shakiness, unsteadiness, fever, or stiff neck.

Speech, vision, or behavior changes.