Nerve and Muscle Disorder

Man Suffering from Nerve and muscles disorder

Neuromuscular diseases are illnesses that can be acquired or inherited (genetic) and impact the neuromuscular system in some way. These are frequently progressive and cause tiredness and muscular weakness. Some are present at birth, some show up in youth, while some don’t start showing up until adulthood. The condition may be inherited genetically or result from a spontaneous genetic mutation, or an aberrant immunological reaction, inflammation, toxicity, or malignancies may bring it on. Others merely have unknown causes.

Various types of neuromuscular diseases include:

Muscular dystrophies: affecting the cellular makeup of muscles

Peripheral motor neuron diseases: Affecting nerve cells in the arms, legs, neck, and face that govern the muscular movement

involving spinal cord nerve cells and motor neuron disorders

Myopathies:characterized by the tone and contraction of the muscles regulating voluntary activities; they may also apply inflammation of the muscles or tissues nearby.

Muscle metabolic diseases:Involving problems with the metabolism that prevents the production of energy in muscle cells